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Below is a short description of the various packages and modules available in the BlueSeries product line. Click on the product name to view a fuller description of the product.


This package equals the well known BlueSeries package. With this package you get the BlueSeries base module, the fax module with one line, email/FTP, XML and 10 PC clients.

Icebreak enables you to build web applications on the IBM iSeries (AS/400) server platform and to reuse your RPG coding skills and legacy code. With this package you get the BlueSeries base module, the IceBreaker Developer Tool and software for the application server.

SMS Monitor
With SMS Monitor, you can monitor every movement and process on your iSeries. You can monitor system messages, message queues, message files, jobs, user profiles and you can also make a conditioned monitor session. System messages will be forwarded via SMS or email.

You can send system replies via SMS. You can even use SMS to execute programs or restart subsystems. A special PC client will enable you to monitor on connected Windows Server and workstations.





Most of the products can be purchased as individual modules, however in order to do this, you first need to have the Base module, which is a mandatory module in combination with all modules mentioned below. All other modules can be added at will.

Base + Fax = BlueSeries Fax. It basically equals the old BlueFax product but includes all the advanced features like PCL handling, the Spooled file expert etc.

Fax Reader
The Fax Reader module enables BlueSeries Fax users to handle inbound faxes in combination with scanner products like Kofax that will enable optical recognition of the fax. It enhances the fax capabilities: An inbound fax can be routed to the right recipient in the company based on a name or number in the fax. An inbound fax that contains an order form can automatically process the order.

To work Fax Reader requires the Base+Fax+Mail modules.

Send/(Receive) email from BlueSeries. All types of data can be sent from your iSeries. FTP spool data to any destination.Inbound faxes can be routed as email.

All types of Spooled data can be converted into XML format. Inbound XML can be converted into a spooled file.

SMS Communicator
SMS Communicator integrates SMS to the company communication flow. With SMS Communicator SMS messages can be send and received in the iSeries. SMS Communicator can be integrated to other applications. Inbound SMS can trigger various events of your choice. A gateway for Large Scale or Bulk accounts is offered as an add-on.

IceBreak consist of three modules: An application server, a Development Tool and an Apache gateway for Websphere users. The Developer Tool will require in-house programming skills.

The BlueSeries Collection Client is an upgraded version of the previous released BlueSeries PC-Client. Many new features have been added including collecting and organising electronic documents in any format, e.g. spooled files, PDF-documents, XML-documents, created on the iSeries (AS/400). In “Collections” it is possible to sort on table columns, search through entire Collections folders and re-order column layout, making it a very simple task to find a specific document.



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